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Songs of Summer Poster

student assignment, 2019

I was told to find a real music festival and create a promotional poster for it that would be printed in a local newspaper. I chose the Songs of Summer Festival from my home town and created a series of farm animals that translated the home grown feel that the festival has. I wanted to do all of the type by hand to emphasize the family oriented festival and the joy of the music.

Artboard 1.png

For this assignment I was heavily inspired by Eric Carle's Hungry Hungry Caterpillar. I wanted to mimic his style of cut paper and chunky textures to create characters that are charming and vibrant. I used gouache and watercolor to get the desire pattern and texture and then cut the shapes out in Illustrator. The type is hand done with pen.

texturescan2 4.jpeg
texturescan2 2.jpeg
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