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Ian's Pizza Bucket Hat

freelance project 2021

2 week project. Client requested design featuring Ian's menu item that could be embroidered and reproduced on bucket hat. I wanted this hat design to feel summery and charming. The hat is reversible featuring two separate menu items and corresponding illustrations.


The creative brief was to feature an Ian's specific menu item. We decided to create a reversible hat design so I could include our two best seller pizzas, the Smokey the Bandit and the Mac and Cheese. I wanted each illustration to be charming and simple in design because they would be embroidered onto the hats. The design couldn't be too complicated because embroidery doesn't allow for smaller details but I also wanted it to be a little silly because a bucket hat is a pretty silly hat choice. I started with the title illustrations, one featuring a cowboy hat to indicate the Bandit slice and a noodle design for the Mac. I then realized that the bucket hat form allowed for another panel that I could design on, the top! And it was a circle which translated perfectly to the shape of a pizza. It was then obvious that I needed to make a small design of each full pizza for the top of the hat. 



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