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Hot Wheels Redesign

student assignment, 2020

This was a 2 week redesign assignment. We had to find an existing product that is being unsustainably packaged and figure out how we would redesign it to be more ethical. I chose single pack Hot Wheels. 

The Existing Packaging

The orginal toy packaging uses an extensive amount of plastic and ink that is not necessary to package the car. The plactic seems to be used so that the car is visible but they use an ink printed illustration of the car as well so its redundant. Glue is used to attach the plastic to the cardboard.

The Redesign

The redesigned packaging uses only a recycled cardboard paper that is easy to produce. The ink is hugely reduced and plant based. The only use of glue is two small points on the surrounding sleeve and is a biodegradable glue. The packaging is also easy to stack, making it ready for mass production and shipping.

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